Thursday, August 2, 2007

Next Stop: Kansas City!

Yesterday afternoon a co-worker of came up to me and asked me if I had heard who was coming to town. Now, not to brag or anything, but since I just updated the concert portion of this blog on Monday, I figured that there was a very good possibility that I did in fact know who was coming to town, but since I did not know what band he had in mind, I played dumb. "No," I responded, "who is it?"

I was not braced for the answer.


= Love

That's right, the Arcade Fire/LCD Soundsystem megatour has expanded once again and now includes a stop at beautiful Starlight Theater in Kansas City. Excuse me if I get a bit ahead of myself and say that this might just end up being the concert of the year. Tickets are a measly $26 (before Ticketmaster fees and beatdowns) for this, and go on sale August 11th at 10:00 AM sharp.

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