Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Has Anyone Heard of This Little Band Called Neutral Milk Hotel?

Leaving the classroom yesterday I picked up a wayward copy of last week's Jayplay, the entertainment section included in each Thursday's edition of The University Daily Kansan. After flipping past articles on adult acne and synchronized swimming (I'm NOT making this up), I came across a section called "Music That Moves You," a man-on-the street-style interview that asks headphone wearers what they are listening to at that precise moment. (The idea is an intriguing one, not unlike a feature SonicRyan is cooking up that asks musicians to list their current musical obsessions.)

To my shock, right there next to devotees of Michael Jackson and some band that "sounds like My Chemical Romance" (sigh), we have sophomore Kari Cozad listening to "Oh Comely" by Neutral Milk Hotel. My heart fluttered. Then I read her comment: "It's a pretty indie sound. I had some friends that like it so I said I'd give it a look." This is the best you can come up with to explain why you are listening to one of the most incredible, heart-wrenching ballads ever penned?

I think I'm going to plagiarize Miss Cozad's phrase "indie sound" whenever I'm pontificating about my music (which is, like always). "Hey, have you heard Of Montreal's latest? It has a real indie sound." "The Knife? A real indie sound." "Panda Bear..."