Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Our Love Battles the Loose Ends

Gotta make one last post before we go Pitchforking.

Admire Our Love to Admire?
I was hoping to have a review of the new Interpol album, Our Love to Admire, written and ready to go. I started it yesterday afternoon, here's what I've got so far:

Grade: 71.2%
Official Score: 62.5%

What The Others Think:

Pitchfork Score: 6.0
Tiny Mix Tapes Score: 1 1/2 Out of 5
Coke Machine Glow Score:

Interpol's latest album is

I'm sure you get the idea though. I'll finish it eventually, I promise.

Famous Battles

If you missed last night's sold out Battles show, I have no sympathy for you. Those guys were sick, man. Seriously. Fucking heavy, dancy, trippy, wild and crazy. Hearing them live far eclipses listening to their album. Unlike Tortoise or Mogwai, who stick to straightforward renditions of their songs, Battles prefer the medley route, where every song somehow, unbelievably so at times, melds into the next. The only exception was at the midway point of the hour long set, and only so Tyondai Braxton could ask for more vocals in the monitor. Of course "Atlas" was played, and sounded fucking great, but the real highlight for me was Mirrored's excellent opening track "Race: In". Again, their sound is hard to describe. I guess you just had to be there.

We're going to Pitchfork Festival. I only have five words left to type: Sonic Youth, baby. Sonic Youth.

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