Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Look at Em Go! Look at Em Go!

Last night my husband said, "Why would they (Pitchfork) put up pictures of the Arcade Fire playing basketball? Oh that's right, because a guy like me will sit and look at them." And a girl like me will put them on her blog, too. Who knew Win's prowess went beyond championing one of the biggest indie rock acts around?

In not-completely-unrelated Arcade Fire news, the indie darlings have extended their tour with LCD Soundsystem. Unfortunately the Fire will blaze through the Midwest (with pitstops in Morrison, CO, on 9/17 and Saint Paul, MN, on 9/30.)

In not-completely-unrelated bands-playing-sports news, check out this old pic of The National and Clap Your Hands playing soccer! I had no idea that when I saw them play the Bottleneck in '06, I had more than one reason to beg for an autograph.

(Thanks to PF, Brooklyn Vegan, and Mandy, my Internet prowlin' goddess.)

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