Monday, June 2, 2008

Roadtrippin at the Gates of Gasoline Hell

So, ACL is releasing its festival schedule tomorrow, and I'm hoping the stars don't align. Why? Well, now that gas is threatening to cross that $4 threshold, can we just imagine what that 700-mile journey would cost (not including hotel and ticket prices)? What used to be a matter of hopping in the car and trekking across the country may now be a virtual impossibility for us music lovin' cool kids.

I know, it's so uncool to complain about gas prices. We're all getting nickled and dimed and dollared to death. I'm just afraid the roadtrippin' pastime might become a passed time, you know?

Really this is the only pump I feel like pulling up to these days.


Jeffery said...

It scares me too... I used to love taking roadtrips but now... Well hell, K and I were going to go to Colombia just this weekend. But after realizing it was pretty much going to be a $50 trip with including the cost of actually enjoying the city we decided to put the money to better use and went out to a nice restaurant in town instead.

eglenclub said...
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