Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Concert Announcement:
The Mars Volta and MORE!

Just because the next few weeks are slow in terms of Midwest concerts doesn't mean we can't look ahead a little bit, especially when there's some great concerts to look forward to. First and foremost is the Mars Volta, who will be making their highly anticipated return to Kansas City on January 25th at the Beaumont Club. If you're thinking to yourself, that venue seems a bit small for them, you're probably right. To help gear up for their proper tour in support of their upcoming fourth album, titled Bedlam in Goliath (pictured), the band decided to do a small club tour. Kansas Cityians, consider yourselves lucky. I once saw these guys at the Granada, and they were nothing short of incredible, so I highly suggest buying your tickets when they go on sale this Saturday.

Built to Spill recently announced yet another tour, including a couple of stops in the Midwest. Built to Spill shows are pretty commonplace around these parts, yet another reason why we love them here at Range Life Music, but what's surprising about this announcement is that the band is returning to Madrid Theater in Kansas City. You see, the band played a show there two-and-a-half years ago, and while it was probably the best show I've seen them play (out of about a gazillion), the band left Kansas City with bad vibes.

The show started late, which angered the hundreds of fans who arrived on time, some even a little late, only to find they still had to stand outside for another hour. By and large, most people got over the whole thing once the show finally started, but there was one buy who kept pestering Doug, saying "because you guys started late the least you could do is play "Time Trap". Doug took offense, asking the guy how much he paid for the ticket. Upon receiving his answer, Doug walked to the drum kit, where he was keeping a backpack. He opened it, retrieved a bill, and explained that it wasn't their fault they went on so late. He gave the "fan" the bill, and basically told him that if he was so upset about the show starting late he could take the money and leave, or he could shut the hell up and deal with it. The guy took the money and left. A few months later, Built to Spill returned to Lawrence, telling the packed Bottleneck that they would never play Kansas City again, famous last words, I guess. Whatever the reason is that brings them back, I could care less. Like I mentioned earlier, the first Madrid show was by far my favorite BTS concert, so here's hoping they can reclaim a little bit of that magic when they return. The show takes place on St. Patrick's Day (March 17th), and tickets are already on sale.

Last but not least is Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings. A favorite among the hip KJHK crowd, Sharon Jones and the gang last played Lawrence in the 2006 edition of Day on the Hill, co-headlining the event with Spoon. Its fair to say that a lot of people were probably drawn to the event because of Spoon, but left more impressed with Sharon Jones. Knowing that, it makes perfect sense that Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings would conclude their upcoming tour at the Granada in Lawrence, where hipsters and booty shakers will be looking for an excuse to warm up and escape the late January cold. Tickets are no on sale yet, however, the show takes place January 29th so I imagine they will be available soon enough.


panopticon said...


The one time I was fortunate enough to see them, I was thoroughly impressed by their fifty minute, two song set.

Complete with weird naked-girl-with-eight-spider-legs backdrop!

Supervixen said...

I want tickets, but I don't want to/can't buy them on Saturday. What to do...what to do...

SonicRyan said...

I can't believe I forgot about that show, not just in this post but in my Upstaging post as well. 40 minutes of Cicatriz ESP? Oh fuck yes!

panopticon said...

Agreed again.

I remember being not entirely sober when we started listening to the song, and I thought, "Hey, I know this song and I like it..

...then I was like, how are they making those sounds?....

...then it was like, this sounds totally unlike anything I have ever heard...

...then I was like, wow, is this the same song? Did they pick up at the exact same point they left the song twenty five minutes ago?"

Pretty awesome.

Do I still have your copy of De-Loused in the Comatorium?

(one of the better named albums of recent memory)