Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Been a While...

So, it feels a little strange giving my first post in almost a month the same title as a Staind song, but... so it goes. So where have we been, you're probably wondering. Well, like anyone we get caught up in the day-to-day, and though we often talk about resurrecting Range Life, we've been putting it off. (Maybe we've all been doing a little too much of what you see pictured here...)

There's plenty of good music to get caught up on, and recent concerts to ramble on about, and some fabulous pics to share, and so forth. Still, before I do anything I need to rant about some of my most recent obsessions... some new, some old, all awesome.

Cyann & Ben -- Sweet Beliefs (2006)
This one totally fits the bill when it comes to grower albums. I was immediately hooked by "Sunday Morning," so much so that I had difficulty getting into the rest of the album. Now that just sounds like blasphemy. So here's the deal. If you like Blonde Redhead, or Yo La Tengo, or any similar awesomeness, check these guys out. You won't be disappointed.

Apparat -- Walls (2007)
These guys are slick. What else would you expect from a blend of Icelandic pop and electronica? Just give "Arcadia" a listen. Now.

Yo La Tengo -- And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out (2000)
We talk a lot about going through "phases" with bands. Yo La Tengo is a band I've enjoyed for some time now, but I've always preferred their distorted guitars/SY/MBV sound. (Hey, that kinda looks like a personal ad. "Desperately Seeking Kickass Music.") Go to a YLT show, however, and everyone else goes crazy for songs like "Last Days of Disco." (Case in point: my Youtube video for "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House" has 800 more hits than "Blue Line Swinger" and 1700 more hits than "Decora." WTF?) In any event, it's taken me some time to come around to some of these weepier, spoken-word numbers, but you gotta love Ira's candor. And if I start to get too restless, BAM!, out comes "Cherry Chapstick"...

Atlas Sound Vs. Deerhunter (both with 2008 albums)

I've been listening to both of Bradford Cox's new albums like crazy. Now that Deerhunter is starting to sound like Atlas Sound, though, it will be interesting to see if the bands will stay together, or if Bradford will break off and do his own thing, or maybe just form a supergroup? Admittedly I haven't listened to Microcastle as much as Let the Blind Lead... but right now I'd have to say I'm leaning toward the Atlas Sound album as my favorite of the two. (Which surprises and kind of scares me.)

Thanks for dropping by the site. And let us know what you're currently jamming on.


Hackworth Artifex said...

Awesome picture! Is that the Beer Olympics, with Mr. Poisoning coaching?

Jesus, I had no idea you had that many YouTube viewers. It's like you have your own tv show, except it's on the intartubes.

Good to see yall posting again. I expect to see something from SonicRyan by tomorrow. 0.o

Jeffery said...

Hymie's Basement

These have been the big three for the past couple days...

Anonymous said...

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