Thursday, June 26, 2008

Catching Up: Wakarusa Fest 2008

So while we haven't been posting much on Range Life, never fear, we're still obsessing over our beloved music (which may be WHY we don't post as much anymore). In any event, I thought I'd drop by and mouth off about some recent happenings.

Wakarusa Fest (June 5-8, 2008)

So this was my first experience with Lawrence's Waka Fest. Let me tell you, it was interesting. Let me also be straight with you. Without drugs, Wakarusa wouldn't be Wakarusa. And after hearing tales of tragedy from two years ago, when the drug dogs busted up the party, I was more than a little scared to see this sign as we approached the fairgrounds: "You Are Nearing a Check Point. Please Have Tickets Ready." Well, that didn't bother me so much as what someone had scrawled underneath: "HIDE DRUGS." And did I ever. (Thank you, Wendy's sack.) My terror only peaked when a hippie type on the side of the road told us not to worry, they were only going to search our trunk (location of Wendy's sack). Nonetheless, we made it into the festival unsearched, unarrested, unscathed. (Besides, I should have remembered that the penalty for MJ possession of in Lawrence has been reduced to a nominal fine.)

Built to Spill sounded amazing even at 4 in the afternoon. Highlights included "Time Trap" (finally! though it sounded a little rough) and "Stab" from There's Nothing Wrong With Love (killer). This set has got me all geared up to see them perform Perfect from Now On in New York this fall. P.S. Check out Doug's crazy hat.

The Flaming Lips were, as always, as high as we were. I take that back, more high than we were. They pulled out the giant ball. They got some crazy girls to dance naked on stage. (Damn you, stupid camera for stealing that golden photo op. And no, I was not one of the crazy girls.) Flaming Lips, if you're out there... Thanks for playing "Vein of Stars." But would it kill you to play something different off Soft Bulletin?

And of course, the reason we got into Waka in the first place... working a beer tent. How fascinating to be on the other side of the impending alcoholism -- to be the pusher, the peddler! What friends I made as I poured them their $5 beers! Then, when the hail came and the festival disbanded, the stragglers ended up huddling under our tent with us, singing "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" and trying to get us to feed them free beers while we all faced certain death. Well, the certain death part might be pushing it a bit, but it makes for a good story.

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